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PeaceCoin which is a digital encryption currency is a new concept of digital currency as a virtual currency that maintains the benefits of using value such as negotiability of existing virtual currency and overcome the shortcomings of the existing virtual currency. PeaceCoin can be used instead of cash transactions in various markets by means of secure transactions. Nobody does not own or control the rights of the PeaceCoin. You can also use all the PeaceCoins and join the PeaceCoin. An exchange and a transfer are possible to any World Bank with free or low-fee.

PeaceCoin Introduction

What is virtual currency?

Virtual currency which does not exist in real life and exists as a digital image can be used as real currency. Bitcoin is known as the most successful virtual currency up to now and is based on a decentralized technology that does not exist separately.


The virtual currency that
can replace the BitCoin

PeaceCoin is the only virtual currency to ensure the world-class credibility that a global international organization supports and takes advantage of, and utilizes Block Chain which guarantees anonymity and security, and remains records perfectly.


Global services

PeaceCoin is provided with different languages due to quick transmission per second and can use 24 kinds of multi-currencies in online service without commission of currency exchange.

  • 700 million Cryptocurrency

    can be mined for 100 years

    The transactions of PeaceCoin can be done very actively due to 700 million outputs of mining compared to very limited quantity of Bitcoin with the total 21million outputs of mining. Also, PeaceCoin has the flexibility and scarcity at the same time due to setting 100-year period of mining and reasonable difficulty of mining.

  • OMPP/WOFP actively take

    leadership of PeaceCoin.

    Peacecoin is the only virtual currency that is actively used as a peaceful campaign purpose by the world International organizations, OMPP / WOFP.

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  • PG own operating system

    You can get pin-tech effects, such as foreign exchange fees, transfer fees and exchange fee savings due to possibility of taking advantage in cross-border transactions through its own operating PG that can be used for safer and quicker approval than other PG companies with fee.

  • Security systems

    The PeaceCoin does not keep transaction-records on a centralized server, but sends transaction details to anyone involved in trading transactions. And it uses the way that prevents data falsification by contrasting transactions whenever transactions are conducted. Also, it is impossible to counterfeit and falsify without the entire PC hacking if somebody forges a deal because the PeaceCoin uses the way of BlockChain that shares the block as unspecified number of PCs are connected like a chain.

  • Convenience which is not different from the use of cash

    The PeaceCoin can be used through a QR code and NFC communications from worldwide merchants by being charged with VISA or MASTER, and is available to sell and exchange conveniently. In addition, it can be transferred in seconds compared to the transmission of digital currencies takes from 10 minutes to several hours.

PeaceCoin Principle

As a new user, you can start to use PeaceCoin without technical understanding. First, install the PeaceCoin purse on your computer and create the first PeaceCoin address. If necessary, you can create a lot of addresses as much. If giving your address to your friends, you and your friends will be able to send and receive PeaceCoin each other. In short, it is similar to the way e-mail works. However, the PeaceCoin address should be used only once per one transaction.

Balance - Block Chain

BlockChain is a trading technology to prevent all hackings that can occur when trading public ledgers which are distributed to all with a virtual currency. The PeaceCoin network is based on this technology. The ensured all transactions are included in the BlockChain. In case of existing financial institutions, they keep records transactions on a centralized server. But BlockChain sends the transaction records and uses the way that prevents data falsification by contrasting transactions whenever transactions are conducted. In this way, the PeaceCoin wallet is able to calculate the balance and users are able to check new transactions.

Transaction-private key

'Transaction' means a transfer of value between PeaceCoin wallets recorded on the BlockChain. The PeaceCoin wallets have secret information called private keys or seeds. This information used to approve the transaction is a mathematical proof that the owner of the wallet has signed the transaction. 'Signature' will also serves a role to prevent from being altered by other users after the transaction of PeaceCoin has been approved. All transactions are known to all users and its history is confirmed by the PeaceCoin network within 10 minutes through the steps called ‘mining'.

Processing - Mining

'Mining' is a distributed system to approve the transaction by including pending transactions in the BlockChain. Also, it forces list of time in the BlockChain, protects the neutrality of the network and make different computers agree on the state of the system. To become approved, the transaction must be included in the block to satisfy the most stringent encryption rules that are verified by the network. The encryption rules prevent a change of previous block because these changes void all the blocks to be operated at a later time.

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PeaceCoin User Guide

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PeaceCoin Information
Total 700,000,000 (Total amount of issued PEACE COIN)
Mining Block Maturity 100 Confirm (About 80 minutes to mature PEACE COIN mining)
Block Space 60 seconds (Block time)
Minimum TAX Fee 0.0001PEC (Minimum TAX Fee -0.0001PEC)
Algorithm X11
Mining POW
PeaceCoin Participating Group

Participation of international organizations, OMPP/WOFP

1. About organization

OMPP / WOFP (International Organization for World Peace)) were launched in 1991 by 192-country international leaders for the purpose of international contribution with humanitarian due to motion of 181 world leaders including delegation of the UN State and the Secretary in order to publish the book titled "Message for Peace" written by journalists to implement the righteous society of the United Nations in Geneva.

■ In 2005, it was released to establish the organization in Geneva and in 2007 registered as an organization with a neutral personality from politics and religion as an independent international association aimed at international contribution and research organization established in accordance with Article 60 of Swiss Civil Code.

Started Clean Campaign

■ It initiates international campaign that induces a clean deal to reduce cash transactions not recorded by utilizing the way of BlockChain that anonymity is guaranteed and the record remains completely.

the Global Fund

■ Utiliziing PeaceCoin strongly due to support by the international fund of OMPP/WOFP headquarters.

■ Composing Unification Fund and donations by utilizing the PeaceCoin.

Utilizing media

■ Large-scale promotion of PeaceCoin and media utilization.

■ Actively taking advantage of the PeaceCoin in Relief fund.

2. The goal of the organization

■ Aims at fostering economic development and cultural improvement with quality of life through a variety of programs in the role of international contributing organizations.
■ Develops programs supporting agencies and organizations for sustainable development of low-income communities.
■ Promotes solidarity activities to share the pain of the residents who live in the armed conflict, the conflict affected or relief areas due to disaster.
■ Composes peaceful co-culture and support education programs through contribution of the international cooperation and multilateral humanitarian associations.
■ Provides program support for people with disabilities in Africa and Latin America.
■ Participates in reforestation and agricultural afforestation for people’s survival environment and promotes peace among countries, people and cultures.
■ Provides information and statistical analysis of data banks on poverty, hunger, lack of water, education and health in the world.
■ Aims to foster a peaceful dialogue for facilitating the ceasefire on the entire planet and ensure a culture of welfare.

PeaceCoin International Exchange

Blockchain Information